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Let’s face it, 2020 has been a hard year. We are all excited to kiss it good-bye and welcome 2021 with open arms! Whether you’re teaching 100% remotely, face to face, hybrid, or all of the above – you’re going to want to share this teacher gift guide with your loved ones for the holidays!

I have rounded up these essentials that I use regularly to help me with teaching, self-care, my dog, and all of the above. You will find yourself nodding saying, “yes! I need this!”. So go ahead, create a wish list just for you. You deserve it!

We’ll start with the tech-essentials for teaching in 2020 – whether it be distance or traditional. These tech tools have been essential in helping me cope with being in person, then remote, and then in person again. 

1: A Second Monitor

Having a dual monitor display has saved me so much time and energy in 2020. I am able to have my students and the chat on the big screen and then what I’m sharing with them on the little screen. I no longer have to figure out who is actually on the meet and worry about what’s going on in the chat. Everything is on my second display!

If you have a laptop setup with a second monitor, you’re going to want to get some wires to make the magic happen! I have a Macbook Pro 15.4 inch with the USB-C ports, so I have this wire. If you have an older computer or a PC, you’ll want to do some research. You’ll definitely need an HDMI wire with a connector.

2: A Laptop Lap Desk

Some days I don’t want to sit at a desk – I want to be comfy on my couch. Having a laptop lap desk has been pivotal in that. This one is particularly great because it has room on the side for my wireless mouse (see below!) and it tilts so that my laptop can be at a comfortable angle.

3: A Monitor Riser

Since you have a second display (read above), then you may want to also invest in a monitor riser. This will be the life saver for your neck. If you don’t get this, then you’ll want to see item number 13 because you’ll for sure need it. 

4: AirPods 

If you have a full house, or a dog that thinks everyone that walks on the sidewalk is out to get them, you are going to want airpods. I have the first generation and they are great! I love that they are wireless and can connect to my Macbook and iPhone.

5: Ring Light

If you don’t get to record your lessons during the day, then a ring light is what you need to make your videos brighter! I have this ring light that I use when I am going live and I love it because it is flexible and has several light settings. 

The fact that there is a section for your tablet makes it that much more amazing! Your videos will be great with this!

6: Wireless Mouse

Having a wireless mouse has been amazing for productivity. I am able to easily draw on slides if I need to and I don’t have to worry about tangling the wires because it is wireless!

7: External Hard Drive

Stop carrying around hundreds of little flash drives. It is worth the investment to get one external hard drive to store your stuff. Even if you just use it as a backup, you’ll rest easy knowing your files are saved.

I have to include some of my favorite self-care items in this teacher gift guide! Next up is the teacher’s self-care essentials. Again, this is great for distance learning, but will also help during the regular school year! 

8: Essential Oil Diffuser + Plant Therapy Essential Oils

If there is one thing that helps calm my nerves it’s my essential oil diffuser. I have this one from Amazon that I love because it looks cute and works amazing!

I like to use Plant Therapy essential oils because they have the synergy blends that help with different things like giving energy, relaxing, and stress relief. My favorite is the Worry Free synergy and the fall scents!

9: Audible

If you are like me, multitasking takes over more often than not. I love to read, but sometimes sitting down and actually reading a book is hard to do, so I use Audible to help me listen to my favorite books. 

Today, if you try Audible Premium, you get 2 books free!

10: Kindle Unlimited

When I do have a minute to myself to sit down and read, I use my Kindle Unlimited to find the best books! I also use Kindle Unlimited to read to my students! This has been amazing for my social-emotional learning read aloud because I can project the story on the board and the kids can follow along.

11: Amazon Alexa Show

I am a big fan of having an Alexa show at home. I have routines and rituals set up so that I can have reminders for self-care and set timers just by saying, “Alexa, set a timer for 5 minutes!” Having Alexa has also been great for the holidays because I have her playing holiday music all the time!

12: Gel Moisturizing Gloves

I don’t know about you, but my hands are becoming so dry with all the hand sanitizer I am using! I invested in these gel moisturizing gloves and socks to give myself an at-home spa day. It is nice to use before giving myself a manicure!

13: Massage Gun

I could not let this teacher gift guide be complete without ultimate relaxation gifts. I recently got one of these as a gift and I had to put it on here. This is AMAZING! It helps if you work out (I don’t, but I heard it’s good for that 🤣). I like it because there is a U-Shaped piece that goes down my spine and is so relaxing.

14: Monopoly Deal

I love playing this game when I need a screen break! My boyfriend and I try to take at least an hour off computers and phones every night and this game has made it so fun! Highly recommend!

This is definitely a random teacher gift guide, but I think you will be happy to receive any of these items for the holidays! 

Which of these is on the top of your list? Drop a comment here or head to my instagram and send me a DM to let me know!



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