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How to Gamify Math While Teaching Remotely

Teaching math remotely is no easy feat, let alone engaging your students. When you gamify math it takes student engagement to a whole new level! In this post, I am going to share with you three games to engage students virtually in math!

1: Pixel Art

I wrote a whole blog post about how I use Pixel Art in my classroom. My students absolutely love it and seeing them enjoy it so much makes my artistic math brain happy! 

Students treat this as a game because they like to see who can uncover the picture first! If you want to read more about how I use pixel art in my classroom, head over to this post.

Student work on a pixel art with a crying laughing emoji.

2: ProdigyGame

Prodigy Game is one of my students all-time favorite activities! Students love this first-person role-playing game where they create a character and have battles with each other and the computer! 

My favorite part about this game is that students are having fun while taking a placement test and giving me all sorts of data! To engage my students even further, I created a student account and when I am done working with my small group, I go on and meet them in the worlds and we battle each other! They love it when they beat me for more stars!

I wrote an in-depth blog post about Prodigy Game, and you can check that out here. 

3: Time to Climb

Since I started using Nearpod, my students love playing Time to Climb! They beg me for it every day! In short, students create a character quickly and answer questions to climb up the mountain. There are different themes to make the mountain and the faster students answer the questions, the more points they earn. I use this for fact fluency regularly!

These three games are so awesome for boosting student engagement, but when will you have time to fit them into your math block? No fear –  I have thought of that for you too! 

The digital pixel art and Prodigy Game activities I use as a center time activity. Students rotate between pixel art, prodigy game, and small group instruction with myself or my co-teacher. 

Time to Climb I use as an entrance or exit activity with the whole class. Students love this for practicing the skills they learned the night before in the model. 

There you have it! A short, but informative blog post sharing 3 ways I gamify math in my classroom to boost student engagement. 



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