10 Game-Changing Tech Essentials for Teaching From Home

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Whether or not you’re heading back virtually or in person this year, your back to school list is changing. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite affordable Amazon tech essentials. These made video chatting with students easier than I could ever imagine! 

First thing is first – set those expectations with Video Chat Expectations. These can be found in my Distance Learning Growing Bundle. Now let’s get into it – here is what you need to video chat with your students effectively.

The Tech Essentials

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Most laptop webcams are not the best quality. If you want to amp up the quality of your pre-recorded videos, you want to grab this webcam. It’s easy to use and works with most laptops.

I currently use a Magic Mouse from Apple, however I did some research and this is a great affordable alternative! I love that it is rechargeable so I don’t have to worry about batteries. It also connects through bluetooth so there is no USB dongle that I have to worry about traveling with. This is definitely a tech essential to make for easier lesson creating!

BONUS: It also works with tablets, which is awesome if you have a tablet with a keyboard!

These two products are the ultimate tech essentials! Having an iPad has increased student engagement for teaching math exponentially! And it has also increased my productivity, too!

I create a Google Jamboard to write on, open it from my iPad and write on the Jamboard while simultaneously sharing my screen with my students! This has become the ultimate tech essential to help me see my students and answer questions as I’m teaching them asynchronously.

Here is a visual to explain what I mean:

tech essential for asynchronous teaching with Google Jamboard, tablet and computer.

It’s frustrating when I have to share my screen with my students, and then can’t see them! Having an external monitor has saved the day! You’ll have to determine which type of cable you need, but I will share with you the cable I use with my Macbook Pro. 

Send me an email if you want help finding the correct fit for your devices!

The Accessory Essentials

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One of my favorite and sleek tech essentials – this is a lifesaver for literal desktop organization. I love that it is pretty to look at, but it’s also functional! If you have an iPad and Macbook, you can use the iPad as an extension of your computer monitor. This is an awesome feature that comes with the new Apple updates.

I love this mount because it gives me so much flexibility for my iPhone or my iPad. With this, I am able to record from the top down of my hands writing on paper for my students. Additionally, it is also great to use when teaching students how to use the manipulatives to see the conceptual understanding. It’s a plus that it works for both my iPad and iPhone!

If you’re connecting your computer to an external monitor – this is the wire you need. Again, this depends on the computer you have. If you have a PC, you might be able to connect with just an HDMI wire. Email me what you have and I can send you recommendations! 

When I pre-record my lessons, they are mostly recorded at night. Having this ring light has been a tech essential because it gives students a chance to see me as I model the lessons. On top of that, it is also helpful if I’m recording myself using manipulatives In low light! The three light settings and 10 different brightness levels is easy to adjust, too.

Last, and certainly not least, I highly recommend these blue-light glasses. You can get them with reading prescriptions or with no prescription. It is so important to protect your eyes when you’re staring at a computer screen all day. 

I hope you find these products useful when you are video chatting with your students! If you have any questions on how I use these products, email me at alexandra@techaboutmath.com

Want to see more of my favorites? Check out my Amazon Storefront here where I also have other lists that you might like!



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