My 3 Favorite Ways to Create a Digital Teacher Planner

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Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t get to school, but your teacher planner is with you at home? If you had a digital planner you wouldn’t have to spend the morning emailing your colleagues your plans.

In this blog post I am going to share with you my three favorite ways to keep my teacher planner digital! Let’s get into it.

ONE: Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an awesome tool for lesson planning because you can use hyperlinks to make it come alive! I like to set up my sheet as a calendar, and link each day of lessons in there. This is useful if you have all of your lesson plans stored in Google Docs.

Want to learn more about Google Sheets? Check out my blog post here Google Sheets: Beyond the Formulas!

Download my free Google Sheet planner here!

TWO: PowerPoint or Google Slides

I put PowerPoint and Google Slides together because Google Slides is the free version. This encompasses the same idea as the Google Sheet planner with hyperlinks.

Fun Fact: you can hyperlink to other slides in the slide deck for both PowerPoint and Slides!

What I would do is create one slide for each unit. On each slide, you can put the list of the lessons in that unit. Then you can hyperlink the lesson title to the slide with the actual lesson on it.

This helps if you have a template, so I got you covered for that too!

Click here to download the free Google Slides template!

THREE: Airtable

If you’ve never heard of Airtable, now you have. It is meant to be a collaborative workspace for businesses, but let me tell you how amazing it can be for us teachers!

In short, Airtable is an amplified spreadsheet. What you can do with Airtable is group certain categories and order things however you want! Check out the video below where I walk you through step by step on setting up Airtable as a teacher planner!

If you want done-for-you Airtable templates, check them out here!

Drop and comment and let me know which digital teacher planner you are going to try!



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