How Students Practice Math Fact Fluency without Timed Tests!

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I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of timed fluency tests. I mean – who said you have to be fast at math to be good at it? Not me. Personally, I would rather students enjoy the practice than dread doing it. I have tried all of the things to make the timed math fact fluency assessments fun, but it just wasn’t happening. 

Then one day, I introduced my students to the wonderful world of Pixel Art! The engagement levels soared as students were solving for the mystery picture on the Google Sheet. They really wanted to practice their math fact fluency and would beg for pixel art activities every day!

This isn’t just any color by number activity, they had to solve the numbers they are coloring. They also weren’t coloring by hand, but with a computer! This quickly became the favorite center time activity in my classroom. 

How do Pixel Art Activities for Math Fact Fluency Work?

I used something called conditional formatting on a Google Sheet. Here is how they work!


Students answer the questions to the right of the gray square on a piece of paper or an individual whiteboard.


They type the answer to the question in the corresponding cell. This is also reinforcing graphing and following directions. 


If the cell changes colors, then the answer is correct! I mean, who doesn’t love a self-correcting activity?

That’s it! It is such a simple way for students to enjoy fluency practice in a less stressful environment

If you are looking to try pixel art in your classroom, click here and get your hands on a growing bundle for pixel art math fact fluency!

I cannot wait to hear how much your students loved this activity!



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