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Are you a teacher in the 21st century if you don’t differentiate learning? Seriously, get on the TeacherMade bandwagon if you are (which I know you are!). As a math teacher, it is difficult to find ways for students to show their work online and TeacherMade is a tool you will want to use to help you with just that! Today I am sharing 5 ways I use TeacherMade in my classroom.

Before I begin, let me give you a quick rundown of what TeacherMade is. TeacherMade is a website where you can take any PDF that you have on your computer and turn it into an interactive worksheet for students! It also works well with Google Classroom, so that is a bonus! 

One: TeacherMade for Virtual Note Taking

If you’re teaching virtually only this year, then your students are probably struggling to take notes. What’s awesome about TeacherMade is that there is a pen tool for students to write and a text tool for them to type. 

Upload the mini-books I have in my TpT store for students to use as note-taking guides!

Two: Study Guides

Teaching students to study is no easy feat, but with study guides they can see the steps for each strategy and practice what they need. I have tons of scaffolds and study guides in my TpT store that you can upload as a PDF to TeacherMade and give students before a test.

Three: Vocabulary Practice

The matching feature is my favorite for this! It’s so easy to create a vocabulary match and upload it to TeacherMade. Watch the tutorial below for how easy it is. Students just draw a line to match it up!

Four: Hot Spot for Identifying 

The Hot Spot is an amazing feature for when you are introducing a topic. For example, when I introduced Place Value to my students, I used it to help them identify certain values digits in specific numbers. You can also use the Hot Spot tool for multiple select questions that involve pictures.

Five: Tests, Quizzes, and Exit Tickets (oh my!)

There is a math tool on TeacherMade (okay, maybe I should have led with that!). This tool makes for students answering with expressions, fractions, exponents and more even easier! I’ve used TeacherMade for quick quizzes as well as post tests to give students the opportunity to show their work. If students have a tablet it is easy for them to draw their work and with the math tool they will be unstoppable!

This post is jam packed with the amazing things that TeacherMade can do to help you differentiate teaching in your math classroom. Here is a little recap for you

  1. Use this for virtual note taking with the draw and type features.
  2. Upload the study guides that I created for students to practice skills.
  3. Vocabulary Match games and worksheets.
  4. Hot Spot for identifying place value and other vocabulary
  5. Tests, Quizzes, and Exit Tickets with the math and draw feature. 

Once again, I hope this eases your mind when it comes to giving students the opportunity to show their thinking in math! It is possible through a computer (even though you thought it wasn’t!).



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