Three Ways to Share Google Classroom Assignments + What They Mean

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Google Classroom is such an amazing tool for remote and distance learning. I have been using it for a few years and even wrote about it in this blog post. I still discover new things about it every day! Here are a few ways you can share assignments with to your students and why you would use each assignment.

Students Can View File

This is the default way to assign something on Google Classroom, and it’s pretty self explanatory. Students only have access to view the assignment. When I want students to just view the slide deck, I use this type of assignment.

This type is mainly used when I want to share a slide deck that has a link to something else. For example, once a week I create a Google Form as a way to formatively assess my students. I only allow students to view the slide deck because they don’t have to do anything to the slides, just click the link.

Students Can Edit File

Giving students the option to edit the file puts a lot of trust in them! If you’re using this feature, make a copy before you assign it to students. You’ll have a backup if something goes wrong. Alternatively, you can always go back in the version history if you click file, version history.

I’ve used this type of assignment for my virtual Shout Out wall. It isn’t an assignment, but a way to bring something from our physical classroom into the world of remote learning. Students are able to edit it and I created guidelines in the first slide to walk students through how to add a slide and text box.

Students completing pixel art - make a copy.

Make a Copy for Each Student

Making a copy for each student is the feature I use most often. I create slides that are interactive where students complete drag and drop activities, fill in the blank and multiple choice questions. In order for students to be able to manipulate the slide, they need their own copy. This also makes grading them a lot easier when you use this type of assignment on Google Classroom. Most of my activities on TpT require you to make a copy for each student when you’re assigning it. You can see the activities I created here!

Students can add work to google classroom assignments bu clicking "Add or Create"

Additional Feature – Students Adding or Creating Work

You’ll need this feature if you share a slide deck with students and want them to create something as a response. You can give students the assignment as view only, and then they can add their own Google Doc (or any file or G Suite app) as an attachment. They can add work to the assignment by clicking “Add or Create” in the top right corner of the assignment description page. They can also submit private comments to you here.



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PS – If you’re looking for a way to show students how to attach work to their assignments, check out this product I have in my TpT store that shows students step-by-step of how to do that!

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