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What are Math Choice Boards?

Math Choice Boards are a way for students to take ownership of their learning. By allowing students to complete a choice board rather than giving them an assignment, you’re telling them that you trust that they will practice the skills that they know they need to practice. You’re also seeing what they need more confidence in based on what they choose.

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When do you use a Math Choice Board?

There are many times during the day that you can use choice boards. You can use them for early finishers, a center time activity or even as its own independent practice assignment. Choice boards I create are sorted by standard, so you can use them during a specific chapter.

Why use Math Choice Boards?

As I said before, choice boards are a great way to give students ownership. Giving students choice is a great way to boost their motivation and engagement when learning. It also teaches them how to self-evaluate to know what skills they need to work on and what skills they are excelling in.

How do you assign a Math Choice Board?

The math choice boards that I create are digital and through Google Forms. You can assign them easily though Google Classroom or send the link to your students through whichever learning management system you have. Other ways to create a choice board could be using Google Sites or Google Slides.

Where to find Math Choice Boards?

There are so many choice board options for you to choose from. Jennifer Findley, Shelley Gray and Miss Tech Queen all have excellent choice board resources! I also have a few choice boards listed in my TpT store that you can check out.

I hope these answer your questions and you’re able to start using choice boards in your curriculum! Drop a comment if you have any more questions that need to be answered!



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