4 Reasons You Need to Use Google Classroom in Math

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Google Mini Series Part 1: Why Google Classroom?

Are you trying to engage students in your math classroom? Tired of lugging papers home to grade? Google Classroom is one of the most versatile (and FREE!) tools in my Math classroom and it will solve all of your problems. Way back when I started this blog (about a year ago) I wrote a growing list of websites to use in your classroom and of course Google Classroom was on the list. I use in my fifth grade math classroom and Google Classroom was on the list.

I’m not going to lie – I was not sure how I was going to use Google Classroom for my students in Math. I knew of all the benefits of using it for reading and writing, but getting students to use it for math? Not possible. Until I discovered the beauty of it. The amount of apps and websites that link and share right to Google Classroom is unbelievable and constantly growing! It seems everyone wants a piece of the Google-pie.

Students Love It

I think love is an understatement. When I assign center time activities students sit with their fingers crossed that I tell them there is a new Google Classroom assignment. Doesn’t matter what it is – they get to go on Google Classroom and it’s the coolest thing for them.

One of their favorite assignments they have done this year is the Adding and Subtracting Decimals Pixel Art I created for them on Google Sheets. Not only were they practicing adding and subtracting decimals, they were also practicing coordinates without even realizing it! They were so excited to reveal that laughing emoji, they couldn’t finish it fast enough!

Another thing I love is that I can send assignments from Quizziz and Flocabury to Google Classroom and the kids can play games and watch the math music videos and it amps up the engagement about 1000%.

Easy Grading

Most assignments I create for using the G Suite Apps are self-correcting. You don’t need to take those assignments on a mini-vacation home every weekend, only to go back to school Monday – not graded. Self-correcting = amazing time saver!

Even if you wanted to do some light grading over the weekend, you don’t need to lug anything back and forth – it’s all on the drive! When I assigned my students the Math Choice Board on Google Forms, everything was organized in a neat Google Sheet for me and it made grading it that much easier because I could filter by correct or incorrect answer.

The Possibilites are Endless

Seriously – endless. If there is a website you love and the kids love – most likely it can be linked to Google Classroom. My students love Flocabulary, Quizizz, Kahoot, Nearpod, EdPuzzle and the list goes on! I also can send them Khan Academy videos right on the stream for them to reference! Seriously, most websites have a little icon that allows you to link to Google Classroom and sync your rosters!

Stay Organized

I will be writing a post on how I organize Google Classroom in my Fifth Grade Math Class, but for now just know that it can keep you insanely organized, which is great for people like me who are physically unable to keep it together 🤣. After all, keeping yourself sane and your students engaged is in my bio so I wouldn’t steer you wrong there!

I hope these reasons convinced you that it is possible to use Google Classroom in your Math Class and you try it! Even if it’s mid-year, it’s never too late to try something new!



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