Flipped Math Class? Use These Tools to Boost Student Engagement

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I have to say the flipped classroom is definitely my jam lately. I love pre-recording my lessons and giving my students time to practice when they are in class with me. Since starting this school year with a flipped classroom, I have come across some awesome tools for pre-recording my lessons for my students to watch that integrate well with Google Drive, which makes putting my lessons together easier. Let’s dive into the best tools to use for a flipped math class.

1: RecordCast

Record cast is a great tool because it gives you the chance to just record audio. What’s great about RecordCast is you don’t need to download anything to your computer to record. Just create an account and record! You can record your whole screen, a browser tab, or an application window. 

RecordCast also has a video editing software that is completely free! This makes for quick edits a cinch without having to download extra software! 

I use RecordCast when I am screen recording myself using manipulatives or using the animate feature on Google Slides to model a math problem. I also use it when I have to record tutorials for how to use certain apps like Nearpod or Google Classroom.

Did I mention RecordCast is 100% free?! What are you waiting for – bookmark the site now! Check out this video of how to use the animate feature in Google Slides here!

2: Explain Everything EDU

I recently discovered this app and it is a game-changer! It does cost about $13 in the App Store, but it is well worth the investment if you ask me! I create my model slides in Google and then import them to Explain Everything EDU to write on. In the app, you can import your Google Slides, PowerPoints, and even videos! You can also choose to work from a premade template that they have or write on a blank canvas.

What’s cool about Explain Everything EDU is you can also record right in the app and export it to your Google Drive. I record my model here when I have to do a lot of writing and want students to see the process from start to finish. 

3: Screencastify & Loom

I wrote about these two video recording software in this post. The only frustrating thing is they limit you to 5-minute recordings. If you have the funds to purchase the premium, the limit goes away, however, I want to give you affordable solutions to record your lessons. 

If you are savvy with iMovie or another editing software, you can splice the videos together. Personally, I would use RecordCast to record a video that is longer than 5 minutes. 

4: Instagram Reels & Flipgrid

Okay, I’m not saying to learn those crazy dance moves to impress your students, but there is something to be said about a quick, informative clip like Instagram Reels. My team and I used IG Reels to share the safety expectations for entering the building this year and it was a hit with the kids! 

Give students a chance to create their own “Reel” by using Flipgrid! You will be pleasantly surprised with what they come up with! 

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Flipped Math Class?
Use These Tools to Boost Student Engagement

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