Why Halloween Pixel Art is a MUST In Your Math Class

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Teaching during any holiday can be stressful for us teachers, especially on Halloween. This post will share with you the 3-2-1 on Halloween pixel art activities. Three ways to use pixel art, two reasons you should be using pixel art, and one ultimate Halloween pixel art bundle you don’t want to miss!

Before we get into it, let me share how pixel art activities work. There is a list of questions that students have to answer in a specific part of a Google Sheet. When the student answers the question correctly, the picture starts to appear. 

Not only are these my FAVORITE types of activities to do with my kiddos, but they absolutely love them! Every week they beg to be at a pixel art center and the engagement is unreal!

Three Times to Use Pixel Art in Your Lessons

Center Time

The first way to use pixel art activities in my classroom is during center time. It is a quick and fun activity that reinforces the skills that students need. 

Independent Practice

The second way to use pixel art activities is as the independent practice of the skill you are teaching. If you check out my TpT store, you’ll see that I have several different skills in the Halloween pixel art bundle. 

Early Finishers

The third way to use pixel art activities is as an early finisher activity. Google Sheets automatically saves student progress, so after they start they can finish at any time!

Let me take the guesswork of creating out of it to help you successfully teach during this spooky season. Pixel Art activities with Google Sheets are digital activities that will have students learning a ton and save you time because they are self-correcting!

Two Reasons to Use Pixel Art Activities

Now you’ve seen when you can use these activities in your lesson, so let me tell you why you need to use these activities. 

Intro to Conditional Formatting

The first bonus of these activities is that it gives students a sense of conditional formatting. Using these activities catapults students into a whole new world of coding and gets them understanding that for each action online, there is a reaction. Virtually speaking, for every input, there is an output. 


The second reason you should be using pixel art activities in your math classroom is that they are self-correcting and super engaging for students! My kids always beg to do a pixel art assignment and I love the concentration I see when they’re working on the tasks. 

Another bonus of these activities is that it autosaves so students don’t have to complete it all in one sitting. This makes it a great tool for center time and early finisher activities so that students don’t have to rush through the assignment. 

One Halloween Pixel Art Bundle You Don’t Want to Miss

Now that I gave you the ins and outs of using a pixel art activity in your classroom, I want you to snag a bundle that I created just for you! Whether you teach 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade I have the bundle for you! If you teach all three grades, I have a bundle for that too! 

[images of all the bundles]

After reading this post I hope that you are reading to jump into using pixel art activities with your students!  



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