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Airtable is the ultimate spreadsheet that will help streamline all of your processes this school year! Here is a quick airtable overview of some of its features.

Airtable Overview

I. Terminology

  • Record (row)
  • Field (column)
    • Field Types (most commonly used for teachers)
      • Single Line
      • Long text
      • Attachment
      • Checkbox
      • Multiple Select
      • Single Select
      • Collaborator
      • Date
      • Phone Number
      • Email
      • URL
      • Number

II. Views

  • Grid View
    • Like a regular spreadsheet, but can do more!
    • Can group records by anything
    • Sorting is available
    • Can hide and filter fields
  • Form
    • Similar to a google form, except you create the spreadsheet first then the form
    • Can click and drag fields to the form, not all fields need to be on the form
  • Calendar
    • Good for scheduling and planning
    • Need to have a date field to have a calendar
    • Can filter by whatever field you want
    • Click and drag records to the date
  • Gallery
    • If you have images this is useful
  • Kanban
    • Good for changing up the grouping of different records
    • Great for a to-do list (to do, in progress, done

III. Basic Commands

  • Create a new field
    • Right-click, insert right/left
    • Choose field type
  • Group Records
    • Click “group by” and select the field you want to group by
    • You can have groups within groups
  • Rename field or change field type
    • Double click the title of the field

There you have it! I hope you found this short Airtable overview useful! If you don’t want to DIY your Airtable bases, click this link to see what I have done for you already!

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Airtable overview pinterest image. Learn the basic features of AirTable that will have you setting up your digital teacher plan book in no time!

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