3 Alternatives to Traditional Yearbooks to Celebrate Stepping Up!

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How long do you spend putting a yearbook together for your students? My guess is hours and hours! What if there was a way to take a tradition and give it a twist? There is! I am going to share with you three alternatives to traditional yearbooks.

One: Shutterfly

You might be using Shutterfly to print photos and canvases for your house, but my oh my is it a game changer for yearbooks! My grade and I have one account that we upload to all year long. At the end of the year, we share the album with the parents and they create their own memory book! This gives families a chance to make it personal and takes a lot of stress off us teachers to put something great together (especially because none of us are artistic in any way 😅)

Two: Yearbook Website

If your school has a G Suite Domain then you can create an adorable Yearbook Website! You can have tabs for each year and add photos, videos and even documents! Students can browse the website and save photos if they wish!

Three: Google Photos Album

Similar to Shutterfly, you can create a Google Photo Album to share with parents. This is another great way to get photos to parents to allow them to create their own yearbook or album with it!

Keep student’s memories fun and personal with these three alternatives to traditional yearbooks! Check out my YouTube channel to see what my school does differently!



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