Unplan Your Planner: 5 Unique Ways to Use Your Passion Planner

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Hey hey, Friend! I don’t know bout you, but June is my time to plan. As much as I love my digital teacher planner, I am all about the paper lifestyle when it comes to everything else.

One way that I am able to balance my time over the Summer is by using my Passion Planner. I know what you’re thinking – I don’t want to use a planner over the Summer! Hear me out, there are many ways to “plan” without planning. I promise! 

I use my Passion Planner for tracking my mood and habits, brain dumping, doodling, and journaling and reflecting. There is a TON more that you can check out here, but I’m sharing how I use my Passion Planner for these 5 things. 

1: Meal Planning

On all Passion Planners, there is Space of Infinite Possibility (or SOIP), and that is exactly where I meal plan. I don’t meal prep, it’s not something my ADHD brain can handle, however, I like to know what the possibilities are for food for the week! It helps me navigate the grocery store (Instacart of course, I don’t actually leave my house if I don’t have to 😬). 

Sometimes if I don’t want to plan each day’s meals, I just brain dump snack and meal ideas, and then it helps me to know the options that I have to keep me on a healthy-ish track.

2: Habit Tracking

Another use for the SOIP is habit tracking. I did this for a little, but honestly, it was hard for me to keep up with it. I use the SOIP on the monthly section to track habits for the month. I also use the monthly spread to keep track of how often I go to the gym. 

3: Mood Tracking

Each night as I wrap up my work time, I think about the day as a whole. In the Passion Planner Daily, there is a space to write it!  I use the “Today in one word” part to write my feeling for the day, but I also love to write the best thing that happened and something I learned. It helps me to be grateful for even the littlest things. 

4: Brain Dumping

In the back of each Passion Planner, there is a bunch of blank pages, this is the brain dump section for me. Whenever I have to sort out my bills, figure out what I am packing for a trip, or just write what’s on my mind, I use those pages. These pages are even great for journaling and reflecting, although you won’t need it because there are monthly check-ins for you!

5: BONUS: Journaling & Reflecting

This year I have been so much better about reflecting each month. My favorite part of the check-in is when it asks how you feel about the time you spent. Before using the Passion Planner, I never thought to reflect on how I spent my time. It has been eye opening to help me see what areas I am focusing on and what areas I need to focus more on. 

There is even a section to set yourself up for the next month. I have been much better about writing a plan and breaking down the steps into smaller, actionable steps. 

Even if you don’t have a Passion Planner, you can still make reflections with this free reflection template:

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5 Ways to Use Your Passion Planner for NOT Planning

1: Meal Planning

2: Habit Tracking

3: Mood Tracking

4: Brain Dumping

5: Journaling and Reflecting


How do you plan on using your Passion Planner this Summer? Send me a DM on Instagram to let me know! 


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