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I posted about GradeCam on Instagram a few weeks ago and I have gotten a lot of requests for tutorials! First of all, I just want to let you know that they are not sponsoring me in any way and I am writing this 100% honestly from my knowledge of GradeCam and how I use it.

What is GradeCam?

GraceCam is a tool I use to grade tests. Thats it. I use for multiple choice tests and it has been a total time saver for me. The hardest part (that isn’t even that hard) is setting it up, but once it’s set up you’e golden for the year!

How do I set up my class in GradeCam?

First, you’re going to want to create an account at

To get started, you’re going to create a class and either add students or import them from an excel file. Click the classes tab and then “New”. If you have more than one class and want to import from excel, I suggest saving each class in a separate file because GradeCam cannot distinguish between sheets yet.

How do I create an assignment?

From the home screen, you are going to click “Assignments” and then “New” –> “Multiple-Question Assignment”. Name the assignment and enter the important details it requests.

After you create the assignment, you’re going to want to make a key. There are different key options to choose: multiple choice, true/false, rubric, and number grid. I have only needed multiple-choice, but experiment with other types and let me know how it goes!

When you first see the answer key, you’ll see that it is choices ABCDE, you can change that by clicking the checkbox and selecting all the questions, and just backspacing the E. To enter the key you just click the bubble of the answer! Easy as that!

How do I download the bubble sheets?

Generating bubble sheets is as simple as the rest of the steps. First, go to the assignment you want to generate the bubble sheets for, click “Forms”, and then a window will pop up for you to generate the forms for your specific classes.

How do I scan the forms?

To scan the forms, you’re going to download the app “GradeCam Go!” Log in, and click the camera icon at the top. You’ll have to allow access for your camera to get the app to work. Then you will scan the students scantrons one by one. The data will appear on your phone and you can later log in on a computer the see full reports, spreadsheets and data galore! Did I just rhyme? 🤣

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and I can’t wait to see how you use this amazing, time-saving app in your classroom!

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