Yes, you are tech-savvy.

If you think you are not tech-savvy, open your mind and see that you actually are!

1. By taking this quiz, you already are tech-savvy.

You were able to search the internet for a solution to not being tech-savvy, which means you already are. You know where to look, you have problem-solving skills that enable you to do what you want. 

We teach our students to have a growth mindset every day, why can’t we practice what we preach?

2. You communicate digitally.

Little things like sending a text, writing an email, and browsing the internet were unheard of 30 years ago, but look at you – doing all the things! If you ask me, that’s a tech-savvy teacher!

3. You are a problem solver.

Seriously – you’re one step ahead by knowing where to go. The tough part is knowing where and what to look for, and you my friend – know it. 

If you're ready to learn more about the tech you have an how you can use it to become more efficient both in and out of the classroom, then
Math Without Paper is what you want!

Okay, so we’re not going fully paperless, BUT we will be eliminating so much of the excess paperwork we teachers must have!