3 No-Prep Digital Math Activities My Students LOVE!

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Are you tired of spending hours planning engaging digital math activities for your students to complain about? I have the solution that you need to get to the next break right here in this blog post! They’re no-prep digital math activities that your students will beg for while practicing the skills you want them to. What’s not to like?

You can use these no-prep digital math activities as classwork, center time work, or early finisher activities. My personal favorite is the second one, but all three have given me great feedback from my students. So let’s get into it, shall we?

3 No-Prep Digital Math Activities

Beat the Teacher

Even though I teach technology during the school day, I get to teach third-grade math after school twice a week. This is a game that I came up with on the fly and was inspired by a game called, “Head Full of Numbers”, which is a board game that my students love too! I played it on a whim when we had 10 minutes left and let me tell you, they LOVED it! They begged me to play again and again. I didn’t mind because they were practicing mental math, fact families, and balancing equations. Okay, let me share how it works. 

First, I used the Classroom Screen website to show 6 dice on the board. I had the students write the six numbers that were rolled at the top of their page.

Then, I used the timer feature on the Classroom Screen and set it for 3 minutes. In those three minutes, the students had to write down as many equations they could make with those 6 numbers. As they’re working, I am working too, and they have to beat the number of equations I make. 

This game opened up so much discussion when we played and students were exposed to fact families and balancing equations. I used this in third grade, but it is a great game to play if you have 5-6 minutes at the end of the period for any grade! 

Google Sheets Pixel Art

This activity is my absolute favorite because it brings art into math! Students get exposed to Google Sheets and conditional formatting as they answer math problems to reveal a picture. I love this because it is self-correcting and students don’t have to complete the activity in one sitting. 

Google Sheets Pixel Art activities also introduce students to conditional formatting. Conditional formatting is when you have a cell change colors based on another cell’s input. This can also open up doors for problem-solving and input-output patterns. 

Want to try pixel art activities out? Snag this free pixel art activity to try it out with your students!

Already know you’ll love it? Check out the Pixel Art activity in my TpT store!


The last activity my students beg for every day is Kahoot! Kahoot is an interactive quiz-show game for students. There are a TON of premade Kahoots for different skills, grade levels, and subjects. 

In the after-school program I teach, we do Kahoots for both reading and math. They practice math facts, sight words, and even parts of speech! 

Check out Kahoot activities here! 


These three digital math activities will keep your students engaged and practicing math skills:

  1. Beat the Teacher

Roll 6 dice, write the numbers on the board, and time students to create as many math equations as they can. They can use any operation, the numbers just have to be there for them. 

  1. Google Sheets Pixel Art Activities

These self-correcting engaging Google Sheet activities will keep your students excited to practice their facts. Students can work at their own pace and don’t need to complete them in one sitting. 

  1. Kahoot!

Use premade Kahoot activities to have students practice math facts and more. Students love the competition and cheer each other on. 

I hope that your students enjoy these activities as much as mine do! I can’t wait to hear what your students think! Follow me on Instagram and send me a DM to let me know what you tried! 

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