The Secret to Getting Students Watch Your Math Model

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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about all the features of Nearpod and when to use them. This week, I am sharing with you one of my favorite features that help make sure students are watching my pre-recorded math model. That feature is the video feature.

INYMI, Nearpod is a tool that enables you to create interactive slides where students can respond and you can see what they’re doing in real-time. For those of us that have a flipped classroom, it can be frustrating when they come to school and you know that they did not watch the lesson’s model – this is where Nearpod comes in handy, yet again!

Embedding a video in Nearpod is awesome when it comes to a flipped classroom, but we want our students to do more than just watch the video.

Here is how I use the video feature in Nearpod to insert questions throughout the video to check for student understanding.

Step 1: Record your math model. 

I like to use Explain EDU to record my model, but you can use the Google Slides Animated Feature + Screencastify or Loom. You can also use a document camera and a piece of paper! The choice is yours, but make sure it’s a clear model, no more than 5-7 minutes. 

Step 2: Upload your math model to YouTube.

I created a YouTube with my school Gmail account, but I don’t make my videos public. When you upload your videos to YouTube, make sure you select “Unlisted” for visibility. This allows you to create a YouTube link that doesn’t show up in searches for strangers, but your students will be able to view it. 

PS – I do have a Tech About Math Channel for tech tutorials, so be sure to click here to subscribe.

Step 3: Open the Nearpod Add-On in Google Slides.

I create all my lessons in Google Slides first and then save them to Nearpod. This is just my personal preference. If you prefer to create in Nearpod, then go right ahead! 

Once the add-on for Nearpod is opened, I choose “Video” to put the video into the slides. Click the YouTube option and paste the link from your model.

Step 4: Watch Your Video

This part is important. As you watch your video, write down the times you want students to answer questions.

Pro Tip: Use the 2x feature to watch the video to save a bit of time!

Step 5: Insert the Questions

Go back to your video in the Nearpod add-on and insert the questions in the times that you wrote down from your video. To do this, slide the circle to the time you wish to add a question. Then click “+ Add Activity at _____”. This will allow you to make your videos interactive!

Screenshot of Nearpod section where you can add an activity in a video.

Once you’re done with this, you can click the save button and then open the lesson in Nearpod to assign it. 

Seriously – this has been a game-changer for my flipped classroom. I can see if students are watching my model and what they are understanding from it.

How are you going to use this feature in your classroom? Let me know in the comments!



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