End of Year Google Classroom Clean-Up in 3 Quick Steps!

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It’s June and that means for most of us the year is done (or almost done) and what more is there to do, besides plan for next year? Do an end of year Google Classroom clean-up, of course! I did write a post about how to organize your teacher files and you can check that out here. This post is going to focus on Google Classroom!

Many of use were forced into using Google Classroom a bit earlier than we intended, however it still is a great tool that can be carried into next year. If you haven’t read my blog post sharing why Google Classroom is an awesome learning management system, you can check that you here. What if there was a way to organize all of those Google Classroom files and gather all your student grades? It got you covered.

Cleaning out your virtual classroom is as easy as 1-2-3!

End of Year Google Classroom to-do list - export grades, organize drive, archive class.
1: Export Student Grades

Save your students grades to an CSV file on your desktop so you have access to it in the future.

2: Organize the Classroom Drive

Organize that overwhelmingly obnoxious Google Drive – use numbers and pretty colors for an ultimately satisfying look!

3: Archive your classes.

Adios old friends! Archive those classes that you don’t teach anymore. Don’t worry about all their amazing student work – it’s backed up in that beautifully organized Google Drive!

Following these three steps will help with your end of year Google Classroom clean-up! I would love for you to take part in my email challenge where I walk you through how to do each of these steps to continue to organize your digital classroom.

Click here to be a part of it!

Just need to organize your Google Drive? No worries, I have a super short YouTube video showing exactly how to do that at the end!

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new!



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