3 Reasons I Use Explain EDU to Teach Remotely

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Picture this: a world where you don’t have to connect a bulky document camera to your computer. That is what life is like with Explain EDU. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

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When I was thrown into distance learning without a clue about how to do it – I was like you, my friend. I was pre-recording my models using the animate feature and Google Slides – dictating what was going on with the slides. In fact, I even recorded a YouTube video showing how I do that (you can catch that here!). 

Then it hit me. My students weren’t as successful because they weren’t seeing the math being written. Back to the drawing board, I went (literally!). I started finagling my iPad as a makeshift document camera to record myself writing on a whiteboard. Um, can you say, “counterproductive”? Seriously. Not my finest hour.

After researching and trying several apps, I discovered it. Explain EDU became my new favorite app. Besides the fact that it lets you import your Google Slides, it even lets you record right from the app! This enhanced my pre-recorded models exponentially and saved me a ton of time! 

Here are three ways I use Explain EDU in my flipped and hybrid math classroom

iPad with writing of a math problem on it.

1: Pre-Recorded Models

As I said before, pre-recording math models is no longer a headache. I simply import my slide deck and click record. The app has basic editing features, so if I make a mistake I can fix it on the fly or just re-record if necessary. 

Once you’re done recording, simply export it right to your device, Google Drive, DropBox, and more! It makes life so much easier to have it upload right to where it needs to be.

2: Live-Teaching Whiteboard 

No lie – I used to write on a whiteboard and then hold it up to the camera. Seriously – that was my virtual teaching method. Explain EDU has been a game-changer for me in that I no longer have to worry about running out of whiteboard space. Once you upload your slide deck, there is an infinite amount of space, and for that reason alone I am 100% for it. 

3: Quick Review Concepts

When I conference with a small group or I am working one-to-one with a student, if I know it is a skill that they will need to keep reviewing – I record it as I review with them. Once I am done, I do a quick edit on the app if I need to and then export the file. These quick reference videos live in a section of my Google Classroom that students know they can head to for extra support if I am not around. 

There you have it, three ways you can use Explain EDU in your flipped and hybrid math classroom tomorrow! Not only is this app versatile, but it will save you so much time and energy that we definitely want to hold on to when teaching during a pandemic!



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