Yes, You Actually Can Make a Worksheet Digital + Engaging!

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Trying to make a plain old worksheet a tad more engaging? Google Apps are here to help. You can take any worksheet and make it a digital one quickly and easily to save yourself from reinventing the wheel to do this remote learning thing.

Google Slides

Google Slides is one of my favorite ways to make a worksheet digital. It’s so simple it will be your go-to way to make any worksheet engaging for students. There are only 4 steps to do this, and if you want to watch a quick video where I model and walk through each step, you can head over to my YouTube channel and check it out!

Step 1: Take a photo or screenshot of the worksheet you want to create digitally.

Step 2: Open Google Slides and change the dimensions so it is letter sized paper (Click File, Page Layout, Custom)

Step 3: Make the background of the slide the worksheet.

Step 4: Add text boxes where you want the students to fill in the worksheet.

One thing to remember – when you’re assigning the “worksheet” on Google Slides, make sure you click “Make a copy for each student.” This will give each student a copy of the digital worksheet and you will be able to see each child’s individual work.

To see a video on how to create any worksheet into a Google Slide activity, check out my YouTube channel where I have a quick video walking you through step by stop on how to do it!

Google Forms

Google forms is a way you can make worksheets self-corrective. You can take a picture or screenshot each question and make it a question on a form. To make the form self-corrective, you want to click the gear for your settings and click “Quizzes” and toggle the button for “Make this a quiz”. This will allow for you to put an answer key and answer feedback. I also wrote a blog post on other unique ways to use Google Forms in your classroom.

I also have a video on the basics of Google Forms at my YouTube channel. Here is the link for you to go check it out!

The best part about both of these strategies is that kids won’t even realize they’re completing a worksheet! They’ll be 100x more engaged just because it’s digital! You don’t have to do these just for Math either – take any worksheet and turn it into a Google Slide or Form.

That’s my challenge to you and drop a comment to let me know how it works out when you do!


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Make worksheets engaging by going digital!

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