Digital Study Guides: Your NEW Strategy to Help Students Study Math

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Were you ever taught study skills as a kid? I know personally, I was always told to study but didn’t quite know how to study. To combat this as a teacher, I’ve created digital study guides to help students review key concepts before a test. There are print and digital versions to fit your needs. Let’s take a deep dive into the digital version.

The digital version is interactive so students get to see a skill or concept and then complete problems pertaining to that skill. Study guides include visuals for conceptual understanding, representation, and the abstract concept as it aligns to the standards. 

Students are always engaged when using these digital study guides and will practice using skills on Google Slides.

Slides Breakdown

The first slide of all study guides includes a vocabulary piece where students connect the word to the definition using the line tool.

The middle slides share the skill using visuals to demonstrate conceptual understanding. (this is the concrete part of the CRA model that I wrote about here). The visuals are color-coded with step-by-step verbal directions and help students to apply the concept to other questions. 

The last slide is a practice slide. Since this is a study guide, it’s not overloaded with questions. Just 1-2 problems for students to practice the skill. 

These digital study guides will make your life simpler. There are two ways to use these study guides. One way is to assign the whole study guide towards the end of a chapter. Another way Is to give students a couple of slides as you teach each skill. 

I’ve aligned these study guides with the GoMath curriculum so that you can use them in unison with each chapter. This gives students something to do digitally so that they can stay engaged as they learn the conceptual understanding of math. 


Digital study guides engage students using Google Slides and help them to understand the conceptual understanding of the skills you are teaching. More importantly, they help students learn how to study and practice before a GoMath assessment. 

Head to my TpT store today to snag your study guides and be set for the rest of the year! 


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