25+ Things From Amazon You Need For School, Home, Dog, and Travel Life!

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In this post, I am sharing something a little different with you! I am Amazon OBSESSED lately and I wanted to give you a run-down of what I have in my cart for this upcoming school year, things for other dog-mommas out there, and things to make my apartment better! 

Just a heads up, I am an Amazon Influencer so if you click any links in this post I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you!

School Tech from Amazon

How to Code a Sandcastle

This book is so good for teaching kids how to take a big problem and break it down step by step! It also gives them a chance to see how coding works! I wrote more about this book and why coding should be integrated into your classroom here.

Label maker

I am all about labeling all the things because honestly if the box isn’t labeled I don’t use whatever is inside 🤷🏻‍♀️. Anywhoo, this label maker is so awesome for that!

HP Sprocket Starter Bundle

I love this mini printer because you can print virtually anything from your phone! It doesn’t require ink because it’s a laser printer and the kids love when I print out pictures of them and hang them up around the room!

Ozobot carrying case

Being a traveling teacher makes traveling with Ozobots challenging, however, this case makes it that much easier! It fits a few robots and accessories. 

Laptop Tote Bag

Personally, I am team teacher backpack, however if you’re team teacher tote then this one is for you! It comes in a few colors and is so cute! 

Laptop Backpack

This backpack has been in my “Save for Later” section for the longest time, it’s about time I buy it! I have a similar one in black and I love all the pockets and the fact that it can hold my bulky laptop!

House Tech from Amazon

Countertop ice maker

Since the ice maker in my freezer is broken I have resorted to this, but I really don’t regret it! I love having ice cold water or else I don’t drink it so this makes that happen! I also love shakes in the morning so having ice cubes ready while I get ready is a bonus!

Digital picture frame

I bought this frame for my mom and my boyfriend’s mom for mothers day and it was such a hit! My mom, who claims she’s not tech savvy) adds pictures to it every day! I cannot wait to get one for my own home someday!

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Music & podcasts motivate me to do house chores and I just hang this tiny speaker from whatever is near me and it packs a punch with the sound! I also use it when I wanna listen in the shower because it’s waterproof!

Foot massager

This has been my saving grace when I’ve had a long day on my feet! It has multiple settings and intensities that will make you feel like you’re at a spa!

Sunrise alarm clock

I finally found an alarm clock that gets me out of bed in the morning! For real, I leave it across the room and it wakes me up, which is a challenge for me to do in the morning 😅. 

Neck & back massager

Another spa item that I LOVE after a stressful day! Honestly, I have used this and my foot massager at the same time and it is glorious! Definitely recommend this!

Dog Mom Tech from Amazon

Furbo camera and treat dispenser

Frannie Lou is not food motivated, however, if she was I would def have this camera & treat dispenser! 

Automatic Pet Feeder

This is great because each Sunday you can set it & forget it! Makes for one less thing to worry about during the week! Meal prep for your dog while you meal prep for you!

Collar with Airtag Holder

This is great if you have an off-leash dog! You can always know where they are! I definitely recommend this for larger dogs because the Airtags might be too heavy for smaller ones.

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum

I LOVE this vacuum! My dog sheds – A LOT! – and this vacuum makes life so much easier! With all the attachments I vacuum my hardwood floors, rugs, couch, and her dog bed regularly! AND it’s cordless, so now more finding a plug where you have to vacuum. Definitely worth the investment!

Dog Puzzle Toy

This is in my cart to get Frannie so that I can give her the mental stimulation she needs to get tired at night! I find that when we do things throughout the day she’s relaxed and some days I can’t take her out, so this will be a great addition to her toybox!

Handsfree Leash

This is a MUST-HAVE! It makes long walks in the Summer to Dunkin’ amazing because I can hold my coffee & phone without having to worry about the leash! 10/10 recommend!

Travel Tech from Amazon

Apple air tag

Okay, if you travel a lot then you’re going to want to put an Airtag in your luggage! Full disclosure – I got this idea from my friend Reagan (@educate.with.ease), but it is absolutely genius! 

iPad case with keyboard

Whenever I don’t want to lug my laptop anywhere, I use this with my iPad and it’s just as good! I can type on my iPad, but there is something about an actual keyboard that just boosts my productivity! 

Keychain Apple Watch charger

I am the QUEEN at forgetting to charge my Apple Watch and this is the cutesy keychain accessory that charges it for me! This is in my cart to buy for my keychain at work!

4-in-1 Wireless Charger

I am happy to say that I no longer am the wire-queen of traveling thanks to this gadget! Having this makes my life so much easier because I only have to remember one wire and it’s so slim it takes up less space in my backpack when traveling! This baby charges my watch, phone, and Airpods AND it has a separate USB port if I had to charge something else. 

Mini portable fan & charging bank

This cute mini-fan was a life-saver at the Grand Canyon & Disney World! The fact that it is also a charging bank makes it totally worth it! It’s so affordable (under $15!), you can’t pass it up! 

Luggage set

I finally own a complete luggage set and it isn’t 3 different colors and random sizes with only 2 wheels 🤣! I used these when I traveled to Vegas and Disney and I love them! They are so easy to maneuver and have a ton of space inside! I also bought luggage covers to protect them, you can check those out here.

Kindle Paperwhite (old version)

This should be in my house tech also because I read on this every night! You’re probably wondering why the old version is on this list and it’s because it’s more compact than the new one. The new one is only slightly bigger but I love this one! It also comes in cuter colors so I couldn’t resist! I also have Kindle Unlimited which for me is SO worth it! I have been discovering a ton of new books that have been broadening my reading horizons! Highly recommend a Kindle Paperwhite!

If you have not already switched to Amazon to add all these things to your cart, then what are you waiting for?! I’ll catch you later! 

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram to let me know what you got and how much you love it! 


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Here are 25 things that I LOVE for school, home, dog mom, and travel life. Take a look at the list below. I’ve labeled my personal favorites with a 😍.



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