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In light of the Valentine’s Day season, I want to share with you some people that I LOVE to learn from! I have looked up to these women for quite some time now and I wanted to share the love with you!

In today’s post, I’m talking about 10 people that I love to follow on Instagram, through their blogs, and on their podcasts! This post is broken down into categories: Math, Tech, Business, and Personal. 


As a math teacher, I am always looking for ways to improve myself in the classroom. I love looking for different ways I can teach math conceptually using various strategies. Below are just a few of the people I love to learn from on social and on podcasts!

Reagan Briggs

I met Reagan through Teacher Hustle University, and she has become one of my online biz besties (you’ll read about THU later). Reagan is all about the engagement when it comes to teaching math! I love using her escape rooms when I am reviewing a topic with my students and they love them too! She has a ton of awesome seasonal activities to grab!

Crystal Mencia

Crystal is my coworking-IG-bestie. She keeps it real during our weekly (sometimes more than once a week) power hour sessions and is the Queen of Boom Cards! I personally don’t use them as often as I would like, but my students love it when I do! I love following her blog not just for math tips, but also for awesome posts for fitness, Amazon, and Black Lives Matter.

Math Before Breakfast

Whenever I am  at a stand still with teaching a topic and struggling to think of another way to teach it – I head to my podcasts app. Math Before Breakfast is a great podcast where the teachers break down the conceptual understanding of various topics in math. Two of the hosts are a 4th grade and a 6th grade math teacher, so they are great at bridging the gaps from elementary to middle school!

Jenzaia – Math Mindset Reset

When your head isn’t right about teaching math, then you want to listen to Jenzaia’s podcast: The Math Mindset Reset. She shares amazing tips and tricks for not only getting your mindset right to teach math, but also for getting your students in the right mindset to learn math. 


When it comes to tech, I don’t just know all the things. I’ve learned and picked up a few tricks from these amazing teacher-authors along the way! Here are the tech teacher-authors I love to learn from! 

A Primary Kind of Life

I don’t know if you follow A Primary Kind of Life on Instagram, but you must. She not only gives the best rants about Google when they fail us, but she also gives awesome tech tips and tricks with a funny little hand!

Shake Up Learning with Kasey Bell

I love listening to Shake Up Learning when I am trying to find a new way to implement technology into my classroom. She has awesome posts and gives great advice when it comes to adding technology into your classroom.


Since starting my business back in August 2019, I have looked up to so many amazing people to get me to where I am now. Here are a few that I know I couldn’t have done it without their support and guidance.

Alissa McDonald

I knew I wanted Alissa to be my business coach when I found out she was also a fifth grade teacher (like me 2 years ago) and from NY! I first heard her podcast in October 2019, and enrolled her Teacher Hustle University in January 2020 when she launched. If you are considering launching a teacher hustle, I highly recommend listening to her podcast and joining the THU crew!

Brittany Rincon – Teacher Leader Podcast

I met Brittany through Teacher Hustle University with Alissa. Her podcast was the first podcast I was ever one and it opened so many doors for me! She became an amazing friend and I am currently learning how to launch a podcast from her! 


I am all about personal development. I love to learn from books, podcasts, and anything that will help me grow professionally and personally. These two women have been a huge help in my personal growth as a teacher, business owner, and person.

Jessica Massey

I was first introduced to Jess Massey’s Instagram from Reagan, and I am so glad she showed me her page! I have learned so much about being productive through Jessica Massey’s podcast and it has helped me so much to balance my work, business and relationships. I recently joined to become a Hustle Sanely BFF and I am loving it so far!

Branda Greening

Last but not least, my online bestie, Branda. I met her through THU as well (see a trend?) and she has been such an amazing person to collaborate with. She teaches high school ELA and gives me the best book recommendations! If you’ve purchased my Google Slides Masterclass, then you’ve seen her in the bonus content.

I hope that you get the chance to check out all of these amazing people and learn a thing or 2 from them! Teaching is a collaborative profession and I don’t know where I’d be without these lovely ladies! 



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