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I am still fairly new at this blog thing. I have been doing it for a little less than a year, only 4 months officially. Since starting this blog I have been so inspired by so many other teachers and bloggers and I want to share some of them with you! These ladies are so sweet when I message them with questions on Instagram and through Email and I think it’s so important that

1: Jennifer Findley

Jennifer Findley has such amazing resources for Math and other subject areas! She is definitely an email list you want to be on, especially if you teach grades 3-5. So many of her resources are free and so great to use in any classroom. One of my favorite resources of hers is a math tool kit that I printed & laminated for each table. My students are constantly using it as a reference tool and it’s really helping them to be successful this year! She has amazing free resources on her website, jenniferfindley.com, and great strategies for teaching both Math and ELA. If you subscribe to her email list you’ll have amazing resources sent to you often!

2: Math Tech Connections

Mariela from Math Tech Connections has such amazing paperless resources for those who are completely digital! I use her Google resources as centers in my classroom and the kids absolutely love them! One of my favorite resources by her is the Google Slides Interactive Activities. Students are shared a Google Slide presentation that has drag and drop activities and places for them to fill to answer the questions. It is a great way to formally assess how students are doing on specific topics. Did I mention her resources are aligned to CCLS? Uh-MAZE-ING! Makes life so much easier when planning data-driven instruction. What’s great about her resources is even if you’re not super techie, you can easily figure them out with her step by step instructions on using them in your classroom. Definitely a website to check out! She also has math sorts and hands on activities for guided math if you’re not 1:1 with computers. And did I mention that she recently created a subscription for her resources?! RUN to her website & check it out now!!

3: Alleah Maree

If you are a primary educator, you’re going to want to follow Alleah Maree! First of all, the posts of her little one running around always make my day, he is adorable 🥰 . Secondly, the resources she shares are so engaging for those young learners you have! She makes amazing teacher resources to help you stay organized as an educator and I need all the help I could get with that. I currently have her tool box labels on my teacher toolbox and it helps me so much to stay organized at my desk. She also has the cutest newsletter template and a back to school teacher scavenger hunt! Definitely go check out her resources and see all the fun stuff!

4: Shake Up Learning

I absolutely love listening to the Shake Up Learning Podcast with Kasey Bell! It makes my commute to and from work worthwhile and I get to learn so much about tech tools for teachers. She has awesome Google tips and has a second podcast called the Google Teacher Tribe, which is also a great podcast that I listen to. I have learned so many ideas of how to use Google Apps and extensions and her podcast even inspired me to create a pixel art assignment on Google Sheets! You can check out her website, shakeuplearning.com and go check out my Emoji Pixel Art in my TpT store!

5: Donut Lovin’ Teacher

Donut Lovin’ Teacher has some really great activities in her TpT store! I am excited to have my students complete her # Block Challenge using the little blocks from the Target Dollar Spot! One of my favorite posts by her is about her classroom transformation. She turned something that could be a dry topic to teach – long division – and made it so exciting for her and her students! Read about how she transformed her class to an amazing football game to practice long division! I can’t wait to try this in my classroom!

6: Rise Over Run

Rise over run has an amazing instagram, I would go follow her ASAP! She has this amazing IGTV video explaining the use of algebra tiles and my mind was blown when I watched it! I never understand conceptually what was going on when I took higher level math classes, but her use of manipulatives is so above and beyond and it is truly amazing! She nails the conceptual understanding on the head with every topic she shares, all while making the cutest bulletin board sets! Definitely check out her instagram, especially if you’re a middle and high school educator.

All of these women are also on TpT and you can check their stores here:

They are an inspiration to me as a teacher and a teacher blogger and I highly recommend you check them out! Their resources, tips & tricks will help to make your teaching more effective and save you time in the classroom!

I can promise you that this list will be growing as I meet (virtually) more teachers and teacher bloggers who inspire me to be the best teacher and teacher blogger I can be. I hope that you find their resources and blogs as useful and amazing as I do!

As always, I appreciate your support and hope you find these women as wonderful as I do. Drop a comment if you’re a teacher blogger! I would love to check out your site too!

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