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“Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.” – George Couros

Without technology, we’re great teachers, but harnessing the power of technology with our pedagogy makes us unstoppable. Technology is the literacy of our time, and students are born into this world of knowledge at their fingertips, and Google Slides is a great start for that. 

Google Slide is a great tool that can be used for all things – teacher organization and student engagement! In this bite-sized blog post, I am sharing six more ways to use this versatile tool!

1: Teacher Planner

Google Slides is one of the best tools to use for your teacher planner because all you need to do is make a template on one slide, then keep duplicating the slides each day/week to add to it. You can make a weekly and daily template to keep your lessons all in one place. I wrote a post about different digital teacher planners that you can check out here!

2: Student Conference Tracker

If you’re tired of all the binders, convert it to a Google Slide. You can give each student their own page and add more if you need more room! 

Similar to the teacher planner, it’s good to start with a template to see everything you want to include in the tracker, then duplicate away for each student. If you have multiple classes, keep a slide deck for each class! 

3: Daily Lessons

I love using google slides for my daily lessons. It keeps me on track, and all the things my admin wants extra I throw in the notes. Sometimes I even script the lesson so that I know exactly all the things I want to say! This is a game-changer for when I have a sub. 

4: Escape Rooms

This is the most engaging way for students to practice skills. They love doing escape rooms and solving puzzles, so why not make it useful for your class? This takes a little more legwork than usual if you want to make it from scratch, but a quick search on TpT will give you a ton of templates and Google Slides escape room activities. 

5: Class Message Board

This is a new concept for me – I like allowing students to shout each other out or ask questions for their friends to answer. You should explain the expectations to them before opening the class message board. When the pandemic first started, I used Google Slides to replicate the Shout Out bulletin board that I had in my classroom. Check it out below!

6: Study Guides/Anchor Charts

Last but not least, I LOVE using digital study guides in my classroom. I create them so they are interactive and students can solve problems virtually. It gives me the chance to see how students are doing and helps them to remember the skills for assessments. 

If you want to try a digital study guide, download a free sample by dropping your email below! 

  • 1: Teacher Planner
  • 2: Student Conference Notes
  • 3: Daily Lessons
  • 4: Escape Rooms
  • 5: Class Message/Shout Out Board
  • 6: Student Guides/Anchor Charts

Not trying to make all these from scratch? I got you covered! Click here to see what templates I have available for you!

I hope you love these ideas and can’t wait to see how you use them in your classroom! If you use these ideas, be sure to tag me on Instagram @techaboutmath!


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